Documentation Requirements for all levels

• Properly completed Student Admissions Test Application Form (SAT)  (See forms, below)

• photocopy of NSO registered birth certificate

• photocopy of most recent report card, form 138

• original copy of  Certificate or Letter of Good Moral Character for Grade 2 to Grade 12

• Additional Requirement for Grade 4 to High School:

· Recommendation from authorities in previous school

· Acceptable performance in the Interview

• Age Requirement for Admission to:

Nursery – 3 yrs. old Kinder – 5 yrs. old
Pre-Kinder – 4 yrs. old Grade 1 – 6 yrs. old
( by October of the applicable school year )



STEP 1: Submit the above documents for evaluation at the Main Information Desk.

STEP 2: Pay application fee of P 350 at the Business Office and obtain a receipt.

STEP 3: Submit the receipt at the Student Records Office and obtain the schedule for the exam. Take the Student

Admissions Exam on the scheduled date. The exam results will be available the same day.

STEP 4: Return to the Principal’s Office for the interview.


Scholarship and Financial Assistance Program

• Scholarship Assistance is available to families with 3 or more siblings enrolled at IJA

• IJA participates in the Fund for Assistance to Private Education, FAPE ESC program

• The following Scholarships are available to Grade 7 – 10 Students:

· IJA Academic Excellence Scholarship

· The Dr. Alberto T. Mallonga Memorial Scholarship, available to Grade School Valedictorians



Required  of All Applicants To apply for Financial Assistance and Scholarships
IJA Student Admissions Test Application Form IJA Financial Assistance Application Form
IJA SAT Recommendation Letter IJA FAP Recommendation Letter

(To save a copy on your pc, print to pdf and save as a pdf file.)