Antipolo Campus



In December 1995, a new campus with an area of close to one hectare was built to serve the needs of students residing in Cogeo and the nearby areas in Antipolo City. In June of the following year, classes opened for 27 pupils from Grades 1-3. They were enrolled in classes that were considered extension classes for the Marikina campus. In June 1997, IJA-Antipolo formally operated as a separate campus, and by the year 2000 it had been   granted   government  recognition  for  courses  in  the  Pre-School and Elementary levels and by 2003 for courses in the High School level.  The original building was expanded in 1999 to accommodate the growing school population and to provide more facilities for the students.

In 1997, the IJA Antipolo Family Council (IJAAFC) was organized.  The IJAAFC had been a supportive presence in all the activities and programs of the school, conducting numerous fund-raising and training activities among  the member parents.

In 2006, this campus was certified by FAPE to be an ESC participating school, thus making the high school students eligible for  tuition subsidy grants from the government.