The IJA Core Values


At Infant Jesus Academy, the four core values that best define our community are Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence and Discipline (IRED). These values are the very foundation of all the school’s undertakings, and therefore the rules and regulations that students should follow will have to be based on these. It is an IJAian’s task to follow school rules and to trust that these are designed to strengthen in them the values that would propel them to take an active role in transforming the global society.



The consistent strength to adhere to a code of moral reasoning in spite of the personal discomfort this might bring.  IJAians must show moral strength and consistency in matters personal, academic, social, and athletic.



The quality of being morally or legally accountable, reliable and worthy of trust. We must hold no one but ourselves responsible for our own actions or inactions, as we know we are free to choose them.



The expectation that all will learn, and strive to learn to the best of their abilities with barriers to learning recognized and addressed, opportunities to extend academic ability being provided along with creativity and individuality being nurtured.



There is time for everything: a time for rising in the early morning, a time for prayer, a time for work, a time for a little rest and nourishment needed by the body, a time for silence, a time for relaxing. In a society of pleasure-seeking, of instant gratification of needs, an IJAian is trained to observe discipline in everything:  academic discipline of doing the assigned tasks, the discipline of orderliness, the discipline of listening and other things.  These many little details in the school life of the students are meant to help them grow to be responsible, well-rounded members of society.