Guidance & Counseling


The call to prepare the students of Infant Jesus Academy for tertiary education lies not only to the parents and teachers but also for the support system committed to the same goal.  The IJA Guidance and Counseling Department utilizes leadership, advocacy, and collaboration to promote student success, provide preventive services, and respond to identified student needs by implementing the Guidance and Counseling Services that addresses academic, career, socio-emotional and personal development of each student.

The Guidance and Counseling Department is guided by the mission of the school that all IJAians are prepared for life in the 21st Century as they pursue their tertiary education and later on become constructive and resourceful members of society.


General Objective

1. Provides support to administrators, teachers, staff, students, alumni and parents for students’ academic, career and social or personal development, and in terms of following up the graduates from the school.

2. Foster close coordination with parents in monitoring the development of their children in school.

3. Offers guidance services and programs that will help the students meet their developmental needs in an effective and beneficial way.

4. Assists school personnel in assessing and evaluating students to help them maximize their potentials for a holistic development duly considering intellectual emotional, social and spiritual growth

5. Assists students in achieving success and excellence in their academic performance

6. Facilitates self-understanding through discovery of interest, skills, and potential careers

7. Assists students in working out difficulties and conflicts in adjustment.

8. Provides support to parents regarding their child’s behavior and academic performance.

9. Helps in developing attitudes and values in consonance with the ideals of IJA.


The Guidance and Counseling Department has the following Services and programs:



The Counseling Service is designed to promote academic, career, and social/behavioral growth of students. School-life is a time of accelerated growth, significant challenges and considerable stress. It is normal, even expected that students will encounter difficult or stressful events. However, when students use the resources available to them, there is a much greater chance of success and overall well-being. Counseling service is available to IJAians during the academic calendar year. The Counseling Service offers individual, group, and general support services by qualified guidance counselors. Students in need of long term support may be referred to an appropriate specialist or therapist.



The Testing Service of the Guidance and Counseling Department is used to aid the Guidance Counselors in facilitating counseling, enrichment, or remediation activities. Moreover, test results are utilized by the administrators and teachers in reviewing the schools curricular program.

Testing activities to measure school ability, achievement, aptitude, career interests, and study habits and attitudes are scheduled throughout the academic year.



Career Development Service, as an integral part of a student’s educational experience, is directed at providing all students with career awareness, self-development and career decision-making. It is this kind of experience that helps students learn, think, consider and make realistic decisions about their opportunities.



Enrichment and Remediation Service is designed to promote personal improvement among students through symposia, seminars and workshops.

Some of the programs under this service are the Homeroom Program, Sensitivity Training Program, Leadership Training Program, Anti-Bullying Program and Family Day Program.



The Information and Orientation Service is designed to provide accurate and current information that the students and other school community members may use to make intelligent choices for educational program or social activity.
Some activities done for this service are the School Campaign, Orientation Program and Parent-Teacher Education Program.