Vision, Mission and Objectives



Infant Jesus Academy is an inclusive learning community inspired by a living faith in Christ as it nurtures learners to be God-loving patriotic Filipinos, imbued with the values of integrity, responsibility, excellence, and discipline.



We, the members of the Infant Jesus Academy community, promote life-long learning aimed at the holistic development of the human person – mind, body and spirit. We pursue a curriculum which fosters a culture of excellence through 21ˢᵗ century learning that is strengthened by a desire to live our Christian faith and value our cultural heritage.


Educational Objectives

1. We desire to continuously strengthen the Christian faith and emotional maturity of  the members of the IJA Community as we facilitate learning that will help them acquire practical, analytical and creative skills that will enable them to adapt to the needs of  the changing times. Specifically we aim to:

2. help them develop a strong and abiding faith in God and be guided by sound Christian values;

3. enable them to see in their neighbors their counterparts as children of God, thus providing the basis for social awareness  and involvement in a global community;

4. awaken in them love for country and pride in being  Filipino;

5. develop in the students competence in oral and written communication in Filipino and English as well as mastery of core content in Social Studies, Mathematics, Science and other academic subjects that will enable them to cope with the demands of tertiary education in the best colleges and universities;

6. facilitate the students’ acquisition of technology and life and career skills that will help them become effective learners and responsible citizens;

7. train them to make appropriate personal economic choices and use entrepreneurial skills to enhance productivity;

8. provide opportunities for appreciation of music and arts, and develop their creative abilities for self-expression in these areas;

9. engage them in activities that will develop their social and leadership skills;

10. promote health and well-being of the members of the IJA Community; and

11. guide students towards personal and academic development.